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iam HOPE

Helping Others to Push and Endure

iam Hope (Helping Others to Push and Endure) is a community development organization established in 2016, which exists to strengthen the family unit and bring hope to the community through local partnerships, economic resources, education and training, and supportive services. This organization envisions a world in which child sexual abuse and domestic violence is neither tolerated or accepted, parents are educated in best practices to ensure their child’s safety, and the faith based community is proactive in protecting children and implementing effective policies that promote healthy family relationships. Additionally, iam HOPE sends 'hope boxes' to those all over the world who are diagnosed with Lupus. FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE.

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Impacting Our Community and Shaping Our World

iam HOPE: Service
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Project LIVE

Supporting Lupus Warriors

Project LIVE exists to bring hope to the Lupus community as they fight to live. We hast an annual formal lupus Gala to honor those living with lupus. Project LIVE also sends HOPE boxes to those women and men diagnosed with Lupus.  These HOPE boxes are filled with items they can use physically as well as inspirationally. Do you know someone living with lupus? If so, click the link below.

Make A Referral

Know Someone Recently Diagnosed With Lupus? Refer Them For A Hope Box Today. It's Totally Free! You May Self-Refer As Well.


“This surprise hope package just made my day. It contained some things I really needed like Biotene. I am looking forward to reading the books, especially the one by Dottie Olsen. The gift card was a blessing. Just can’t express enough what a blessing you all have been today.” 

Shannon - Greensboro, NC


Strengthening Our Emotional and Mental Health

iam HOPE: Service
Love Poster

Love Heals

Supporting Domestic Violence Survivors

Love Heals exists to empower and bring hope and healing to survivors of domestic violence through support groups, education, advocacy and other resources. Register to get more information about the next support group starting date.

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