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There is no Hurt God Can't Heal




iBU stands for "I Breakthrough You". This means you possess a quality or skill that can help someone else. We do this through connecting with others. Looking for a small group of 10-15 people you can fellowship with, build relationships and grow spiritually? This group meets in different locations on a monthly basis. Your entire family can be a part of this group.



Pulling Together Makes Life Better

Life Groups are a lot of fun, and God works in our lives as we build Jesus-centered relationships. Life Groups can consist of any number of people and are scheduled in trimesters. Each group is held in various parts of the city and varies on meeting length, child care, food and start time. Life groups include Marriage Matters, Covenant Connections, Mix and Mingles (singles), Growing in Christ, & more.

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Bringing Hope to Others

We’re building a network of support that goes much further than a weekly meeting. It has become a community of friendships that understand and encourage one another. Life throws us unexpected hurdles everyday that can leave us hopeless, but having a network of support can make a difference in our physical, mental, and emotional health.



Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Dream Teams are a group of incredible people that have discovered their gifts and passions and are actively serving in them. They are how Breakthrough Worship Center serves each other and the community. Some of the Dream Teams you can serve on include: Culinary, CARE Ministry, Breakthrough Generations Youth, Communications, Social Media and Technology, Administration, First Impressions, Worship Team, and more.

Breakthrough Groups: Service
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